Home-cooking in the Philippines

Melow’s Bread Kitchen, Cooking Pot & Snack Kitchen

 Allow me to introduce Melow’s Place. We are a family of four, my lovely wife Melody whom is a fantastic chef with Philippine and European food as her speciality. My daughter Laica whom is a trained international chef. My youngest son Huddy whom is the best eater I’ve ever meet. Myself; a retired captain from the seven seas, foodie, level 2 hobby cook with a dream of creating the best ever meal served to human being.
Ohh, and a bunch of dogs that help us eat up any leftover… 

This website is dedicated home cooks around the world, get a new idea, a fresh inside or just to get inspired with new recipes. 

The website has 3 main categories: Bread making – cooking – and all the others.
At the first page of each category you will find a complete list of recipes and videos. 

At Melow’s Place we have two saying; Homemade at its best & let’s do it right. 

Homemade at its best meaning that a well prepared homemade meal can certainly stand up to any level of restaurant food. As go for bread making we are at the opinion that you can do it as good as or even better than any professional bakery, even with limited equipment but with the right ingredients and technic.

Benefits of homemade cooking are first of all you know what’s in your food. Secondly you can adjust to your own taste and liking. 

Let’s do it right meaning we do not use ‘short cuts’. Do it the way it was meant to be done. Of course you can substitute many ingredients but as a general follow the basic rules. Some classic recipes have survived for hundreds of years for one reason – It Works – so no need to change.

Philippin Paella

Yellow Pea Soup

Chicken Consomme' With Dumpling

Cinnamon Bun with Caramelized Orange

Shepherds Pie


Smoked Bacon

Smoked Ham & Loin

Cured Pork as Cold Cut

Smoked Mackerel


Homemade at its Best