Home-cooking in the Philippines

All kinds of ingredients are now available locally or online.

In earlier years it could be somehow difficult to find certain ingredients which made some european cooking limited, but as years passed and the online sales expanded it is rare i can't find ingredients for almost any european meal.

With this web.site it is our wish to give inspiration and some insight in cooking both European (Danish) and traditional Philippine cruisine and a mix in between.  

We have a saying: "Homemade at its best" 

There are so many benefits doing it by yourself: you know what's in the food; you can adjust the taste to your like; make as much or as little you wish, etc... 

In the recipe section you will find some of our favorites. Many of these recipe can easily be adjusted to your liking, as if you have minor children you might like to cut some of the spices or if you have your own favorite taste you may add that to the recipe. Have fun cooking, that's what its all about. 

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Please enjoy and feel free to share.

Philippin Paella

Yellow Pea Soup

Chicken Consomme' With Dumpling

Cinnamon Bun with Caramelized Orange

Shepherds Pie


Smoked Bacon

Smoked Ham & Loin

Cured Pork as Cold Cut

Smoked Mackerel


Homemade at its Best