Shepherds Pie



 In this section I will place some of my favorite recipe. Some is old school classic and some is my own and others are classic European with a twist from the far east.

All the recipes have been tested to my taste and are among my absolute favorites. I suggest you try them out and then perhaps adjust to your own liking next time.

Enjoy and have fun.

Just right click on the recipe and you will come to "ingredient list" and "how to make"






Appetizer                                       Mains                                           Dessert                        

Chicken Liver Pate'                My Best Chicken                        Ice

Salmon Terrine                       Beef Rouladen                           Creme Brulee

Pasta Seafood                        Sweet n Sour ribs                      Crepes

                                                  Seafood Paella                           Pears in Syrup

                                                  Chicken a l'orange

                                                  Pata Tim


                                                  Lamb, slow roasted

                                                  Lamb, Rack french trimmed

Pickles and all the other stuff

Make your own mustard, you will be amazed how easy it is.



When you are cooking certain things must be in place. Like you would never start a cooking without having salt and pepper ready and here in the philippines the holy trinity "Garlic, Onion and ginger" is also a must and not to forget soya sauce.

In this section i will give you some idea to make your own little side dishes, compliments and garnish. For me that's as important as salt and pepper. It enhances the whole experience of the dish you serve. Just imagine a deep fried chicken served with plain rice; its okay but not what we would call a gastonomic succes - but then add a homemade "pickled papaya salad and a little sweet and sour dipping sauce" which for sure will change the whole dinner experience.

All the other stuff we purchase in glass and jars when we shop in the local super marked for a "good" peso like mustard, peanut butter, sun dried tomatoes etc. Lots of it is so simple to make at home and you can put your own "twist" on the finished product.

Pickled Papaya        Cucumber salad(s)

Mustard                    Christmas Jam

Piccalili                     Sweet & Sour Dip

Chicharron               Spam

Rice                           Coffee

Potato Salad