Burger - Hot dog - Sandwich - Snacks

Plate with "Danish open Sandwiches"

What exactly is a sandwich. Some define it as two or more slice of bread with a filling in between. Seems correct but then what about open faced sandwiches and then a hot dog and a burger most be a sandwich too...

Let's not be confused about words, most of us has a favorite sandwich and/or a favorite snack.

In this section we will try to cover all aspect of SNACKS being sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, panini, burritos, tacos - any thing that will ease the hunger between two main meals.

In the previous section "sausages & cold cut" you will find many ways of preparing your own filling for the sandwiches and in the "Baking" section there is bread for any taste.

A good sandwich demand a good bread. That's were the magic start. Nothing wrong with a commercial burger but to compare it with a homemade burger with a freshly made bun and selected ground beef of choise is impossible. There is so much more going on in the homemade.


Double cheese Hawaiian with soft onions

What is the best meat for a burger.
In my opinion 20+% fat in the meat is perfect for a medium-well to a medium-rare burger.
Meat from the chuck steak has 20+% and are commonly used for ground beef. There are many more cuts which will work perfectly like one of my favorite "hanger steak" not a well known cut but if you can get your hands on it it will give you a wonderderful steak or as ground to a burger.
Another of my favorite is 70% chuck and 30% sirloin were the chuck gives the fat contents and the sirloin gives structure and taste. Lastly let me mention the bacon-cut with 70% muscle meat and 30% bacon trimmings, which gives this delicious meaty, smoky and slightly sweet flavor.

I do recommend that you grind your own meat..! Or you go to a trusted butcher. Many supermarkets overgrind the meat to hide inperfections.

I grind the meat twice through the medium blade.

  • Twice through the medium blade

  • Form your burger 150 g is a good size

  • Choose your topping