Burger - Hot dog - Sandwich - Snacks

Danish open sandwich

What exactly is a sandwich. Some define it as two or more slice of bread with a filling in between. Seems correct but then what about open faced sandwiches and then a hot dog and a burger most be a sandwich too...

Let's not be confused about words, most of us has a favorite sandwich and/or a favorite snack.

In this section we will try to cover all aspect of SNACKS being sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, panini, burritos, tacos - any thing that will ease the hunger between two main meals.

In the previous section "sausages & cold cut" you will find many ways of preparing your own filling for the sandwiches and in the "Baking" section there is bread for any taste.

A good sandwich demand a good bread. That's were the magic start. Nothing wrong with a commercial burger but to compare it with a homemade burger with a freshly made bun and selected ground beef of choise is impossible. There is so much more going on in the homemade.