Beef Rouladen

 I believe beef roladen originated in Germany. There are many varieties dependig where in germany you are located. 

In Denmark we have a simple recipe called "boneless birds" were the slice of beef is rolled with just a thick slice of pork back fat.

Below is my own take of this delicious dish - Bon appetite.



  • 12 slices of beef filet cut thinly
  • 12 slices of smoked bacon
  • a good mustard (dijon)
  • 1 carrot cut in rough julien
  • A few pickled cucumbers
  • Perhaps an onion cut in vedges
  • 2 dl heavy cream
  • salt and pepper to taste


How to make:

Flatten the slices of filet with a meat hammer without damaging the structure of the meat. Add salt and pepper. "Paint" mustard on the slices then place a slice of bacon, slice of carrot and lastly a slice of pickled cucumber - a little onion if you prefer or you could drizzle finely chopped parsley (i usually skip that part but it will certainly add an extra flavor to the finished dish).

Roll the slices and fasten with meat-pins or use a couple of tooth picks.

Brown the rouladen well on all sides in a heavy skillet with oil and a lump of butter.

Then add a good bouillion so the rouladen is covered 2/3. Braise for an hour or so until tender. (if you are using beef rump or other tougher cuts then add another hour).

Strain the remaining fond, add 2 dl cream and reduce until thicken.

Server with Mash & Beetroot.