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Website Oct. 18, 2018


We will start video recording at end of November or early December. Haven't decided which one comes first but I'll make sure rye bread will come as one of the first...

Oct. 17, 2018


I see you will start video recipes. Can you make a video with rye bread thanks

Sep. 29, 2018


nice website

Website Sep. 26, 2018


Sorry to say the shop is not yet open (im working abroad for the moment) We plan to open in 2019.

Will be home for xmas and will sure make a couple of bread for you if interested.

The rye bread is about 1 kilo and the price will be around Peso 280 pr. loaf

Sep. 26, 2018


is rye bread available now and what is the price

Sep. 22, 2018


The dish you refer to is called "pytt i panne", if you google it you will find hundreds different recipes. Basically its a dish created to use up left overs... Main ingredient is potatoes and prepared meat, some prefer beef other pork, more seldom lamb
or chicken. "Pytt i panne" means "through it in the pan" and that's more or less the recipe - see what you have of left overs and through it in the pan - fry it up and garnish with a fried egg - serve with pickled beets.

Sep. 22, 2018


do you know the swedish dish pot in panne. I visit sweden last may and tried this potato meat dish with a fried egg on top but can not find the recipe anywhere.

Sep. 21, 2018


Good luck with your