Ninja 1500W is a good choice for home emulsifying smaller batches.

Simple emultification

  • 500 g lean beef ground (half frozen)
  • 250 g lean pork ground (half frozen)
  • 250 g pork back fat ground (half frocen)
  • 15 g salt
  • 3 g cure #1
  • 10 gram spices
  • 360 g crushed ice

Place 120 g crushed ice in the bottom of your food processor and the lean beef on top. Pulse the meat 20-30 times then add salt and cure #1.

Add the lean pork and another 120 g of crushed ice and run the food processor for 1-2 min. Make sure the meat does not get too warm.

Finally add the fat and remaining crushed ice + spices

Run until fully emulsified. 

If the meat is getting warm because of the friction - stop and place the bowl in the freezer until cold enough to continue.

The temperatur when emulsifying must be kept below 15C.