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Chicharron - a favorite snack for most of us...

You don't need a lot to make this delicious snack.
Some pork skin, salted water and oil to deep-fry. That's it...

How to make:

Boil some (left-over) pork skin in salted water for an hour or one and a half.
The skin need to be "tender" but not over cooked.

Skrap most of the fat of (easy with a butter knife) so you are left with almost pure skin. Don't get stressed if there is a little fat left, it won't influence the taste.

Now comes the tricky part; the skin need to be completely dried. You can either dry it in the sun (use a mosqito net to prevent flyes) or dry it in the oven at lowest temperatur setting running the fan (if available) or most efficient use a dehydrator setting 70-75C for 12 or more hours. The skin must be completely dry.

When the skin is correctly dried you will be able to "crack" a piece off.

Deep fry the pieces in hot oil 165-175C. for a short while, you will know when they are done as they expand strongly - it will only take a minutte or two. (use a neutral oil like canola or grape seed).

Enjoy right away or store them in air tight glass or tupper ware.

Ps.The dried skin can be stored for later use...