Rye Bread made easy

Fresh from the oven.

The secret to a traditional rye bread is sour-dough..! Sour-dough is a live organism which can be somewhat difficult to control, especial in the tropic with high temperatures. It is also time consuming  and onces started it should be used regularly. I have tried it a few times here in the Philippines with various results.

I then decided to see if i could get a yeast based rye bread close to the one with sour-dough - The final result was amazing (almost no difference).The trick was "beer & malt".

I have even made a "rye bread" or lets call it "dark bread" completely without rye flour; using multi grain-instead (consist barley), served it to some danish friend who claimed it was  one of the best "rye bread" they ever tasted - buuut maybe they had stayed too long time away from Denmark to fairly judge the bread...

Here Goes (good for 3 loaf):

  • 800 g  Rye flour
  • 12 g Diastatic Malt Powder (1% of total flour)
  • 400 g all purpose wheat flour
  • 6 dl seed and kernel dissolved in 6 dl water                                        
  • 6 dl water additional
  • 3 dl beer regularly (1 btl)                                                                        
  • 1 tbsp dried yeast                  
  • 2 tbsp molasses                                                                             
  • 1½ tbsp Salt
  1. Soak the seed and kernels in water the evening before you plan to start baking. Keep it refrigerated.
  2. Next morning add the liquid, water, beer, molasses and the malt powder into the mixing bowl. Start mixing on low speed
  3. Add the soaked seed & kernels
  4. Then add the wheat flour, salt and yeast and continue mixing on low speed.
  5. Finally add the rye flour, continue mixing on medium speed for about 5 minuttes or until you have a uniform mixture allmost like a thick porridge.
  6. Divide the dough in three forms (it should be about 1 kilo in each).
  7. Place in a cold oven and let i rest until raised a centimeter or two. (30 to 40min).
  8. Start the oven at 200C. When this temperatur is reached then lower the temperatur to 150 - 160C. Cover the bread with tin-foil and let the bread bake until they reach an internal temperatur of 97-98C. NOT LESS THAN 97C. or the bread will be sucky. If more than 98C the bread will start to be very hard.

H a p p y    B a k i n g

  • Bread resting before baking

  • Rye Bread freshly made

  • Danish open sandwich on rye