a perfect brewed cup of coffee is absolute satisfying.

Coffee - We all know it - Most of us love it.

Philippine coffee on the other hand; well not so many knows of it, as Philippines is not known as a major coffee exporting contry. It's actually sad because here in the Philippines some of the best coffe in the world are grown. 

There are four main species of coffee in the world trade and it so happen that all of them are grown right here in the Philippines. They all come with their very own unique taste and flavor.

Arabica - Robusta - Liberica - Excelsa.

Is the big name when we are talking coffe. It accounts for almost 60% of the world's commercial coffee production. Arabica has a highly complex flavor and aroma. 
Arabica is also the most acidic coffee bean with a lower caffeine contents than e.g robusta. 
Arabica can be drunk alone without mixing it with other varieties, but on the other hand it can be improved in taste and palate by adding 10 or 20% of another variety.
One of my favorite blend is 80% arabica and 20% liberica. Another is 50% arabica, 30% robusta and 20% liberica. For me that blend  fulfill the whole taste experience.

  • French Press.

  • Coffee Grinder.

  • Automatic cappuccino Maker.

Is the second biggest player on the market. Robusta gives a heavier mouthfull and has a body of its own. It has less acid than arabica but more caffeine. A good quality Robusta can certainly be drunk on its own and can take both milk and sugar without losing its identity. Then again for my personal taste I prefer to use it as a mix in blend coffe.

Liberica is an entirely separate species of coffee, with a very distinctive taste profile. All though this is such a unique species of coffee with a full flavor on its own it has become hard to find pure liberica beans now a days (we can still get them from the Batangas area). 
Actually this species of coffee was almost extinct until a conservation effort took place in 1995 were some of the last plants were gathered (500 plants) and replanted in some of Philippines coffee growing regions.
Lucky for us coffee lovers its available and can give our coffee blends this most awesome taste and flavors it add to any blend of coffe.

It accounts for about 7% of world coffee production. Its probably the most unique of the four.
Drunk on its own... Some people love it, like a good brandy - but then again not all enjoy a good brandy. When this is said it must also be mentioned that excelsa together with liberica is  extremely good for mixing in blend-coffee.
Excelsa was recently re-classified as a variety of Liberica. Eventhough most coffee lovers think of it as its very own variety. Some say it doesn't even taste like coffee; more like "jungle"...

From the word Nestle brand & Cafe. Introduced in 1938 and during WW2 it became an American stabil.
I do not know a lot about nescafe other than what I can google. I don't really like the taste and do not drink it very offen. "Nescafe"

How to make

Enjoying a good coffee

Beside nescafe there is nummerous ways of preparing this delicate drink.
The most important for me is that its prepared with fresh (as fresh as possible) roasted whole beans - meaning ground last minute before preparation.
My favorite preparation methode will be "French Press".
When you want a cup of coffee then make it the way you like it - That's the right way...
BUT I encourages you to try some of the delicious Philippine varieties, its really worth it..! You might be suprised and think to yourself "why did i drink nescafe all my life when such delicious coffee grow just outside my door"...

In MelowsPlace we go with 4 blends:
#1: 80% arabica / 20% liberica
#2: 50% arabica / 30% robusta / 20% liberica
#3: 80% arabica / 20% excelsa
#4: 50% arabica / 30% robusta / 20% excelsa
Plus we all love a cup of pure arabica...

PS. You can purchase a whole kilo of pure arabica beans for less than P 600.

ENJOY and happy coffee brewing. 🙂