Pasteurised egg

Make your egg food safe

Sometimes in cooking we need to use raw eggs; can be egg yolk or egg white or both. e.g "homemade mayonnaise - eggnog - raw cookie dough and even egg sunny side up".  
To make them safe to eat we pasteurise the eggs.
Pasteurising food means to heat the food item to a specific temperatur for a period of time. This will kill some bacteria and micro organism and make the food more safe to eat.

To pasteurise eggs you will need a sous vide.
Do only use fresh eggs.
Let the eggs become room temperatur.
Set the temperatur to 59C. (at 60C the eggs white wil start boil) Gentle drop the eggs in the water bath and let them pasteurise for 5 minuttes.
Transfer the eggs to a bowl with ice water and let them cool for 10 minuttes.
Pat them dry with a clean kitchen towel and store them in the refrigerator.
Best used right away but can be stored for up to a week.



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