Price list

Orders of Peso 1.000 or more get a Free delivery within Sibulan & Dumaguete.



Store are not yet open - We expect to open 2019.

Rye Bread abt. 1000 g 65% rye flour + whole grain P. 280
Wheat Bread 100% wheat flour
Hamburger Buns With sesame seed
Breakfast Rolls 6 pcs Order fresh or frozen easy reheat
Bacon 100 g Breakfast style P. 65
Smoked Pork Shank Home smoked pr. kg. P. 520
Smoked Porkloin Danish Hamburgerryg
Cold Cut assorted 100 g Meat, Hunters, Mushroom & Olive
Cured Pork Belly 100 g Danish Rullepoelse
Pressed Ham Cold Cut
Liver Spread 250 g Danish Leverpostej
Chicken Liver Pate 200 g With Brandy
Frankfurter 100 g German sausage
Schubling 100 g Austrian Sausage
Kielbasa Polish no. 1 sausage
Weiss Wurst 100 g Polish style
Chicken "HotDog" 100 g Added vegetable shortening
Medister DK 1000 g Danish Sausage
Piccalili 200 g Mustard dressing - ready to use
Mustard assorted 200 g Various styles
Pickled Red Onions In glass jar
Pickled Papaya In glass jar
Coffee Arabica 1 kg Whole beans (or ground to your like) P. 588
Coffee Robusta 1kg Whole beans (or ground to your like) P. 445
Coffee Liberica 1 kg Whole beans (or ground to your like) P. 478
Coffee Excelsa 1 kg Whole beans (or ground to your like) P. 458
Coffee House Blend 1 kg a perfect blend of above coffee P 525
French Press 600 ml Good quality "handy coffee maker" P 599