Bacon Sandwich

Worlds Best Bacon Sandwich, right in front of you. ENJOY.

Any "real" man think he makes the best bacon sandwich in the world. Well - Here it is...!

Actually the recipe tell you all you need to know "bacon and sandwich" that's it. We are not talking BLT "bacon lettuce tomato" sandwich, that's a whole different  story.

Find a piece of good old smoked bacon (not the factory ones, that never seen a smoke). Slice 6 pieces 2mm thick.

Make yourself a decent wheat sandwich bread and slice two nice pieces.

Heat up a heavy frying pan  (give it just a few drops of oil) and fry your bacon. The 3 pieces you fry only so it gets soft while the remaining 3 pieces you fry a bit longer to get them crisp.

When the bacon is removed then place the two sandwich slices in the remaining bacon fat (the stove should be on medium heat now, not to burn the bread). Fry the bread on the one side only..!

Sample the sandwich. On a plate place one slice bread (frying side down) then arrange the soft bacon - then the crispy bacon and close the sandwich with the last slice of bread (frying side up).

Mix a dressing of 1 part ketchup, 1 part yellow mustard and 1 part mayonnaise and serve it on the side. 

Give it to someone you truly love with a matching cold beer.

Thats All...!