Double cheese Hawaiian

What is the best meat for a burger.
In my opinion 20+% fat in the meat is perfect for a medium-well to a medium-rare burger.
Meat from the chuck steak has 20+% and are commonly used for ground beef. There are many more cuts which will work perfectly like one of my favorite "hanger steak" not a well known cut but if you can get your hands on it it will give you a wonderderful steak or as ground to a burger.
Another of my favorite is 70% chuck and 30% sirloin were the chuck gives the fat contents and the sirloin gives structure and taste. Lastly let me mention the bacon-cut with 70% muscle meat and 30% bacon trimmings, which gives this delicious meaty, smoky and slightly sweet flavor.

I do recommend that you grind your own meat..! Or you go to a trusted butcher. Many supermarkets overgrind the meat to hide inperfections.

I grind the meat twice through the medium blade.

When the meat is grinded - That's it - don't add more...
Form the meat to a burger pate of about 150 g. that's a good size for a normal burger.
Salt the burger just before frying. Do not put salt in the meat as it will dry out the burger.
Fry to your liking, for me i like a medium to medium-rare which take about 3 minuttes pr side on medium-high griddle.

Choose your topping and dressing and let everyone sample their own burger.